14 March 2017

Very windy local ride to Bishop & back on the Slate Apex

Another fantastic Springs day weather for riding apart from the 30mph headwind! I had a different route planned but due to the wind it was a struggle to get to Bishop along the old railway line. Once at Bishop it was a quick turn around and headed straight back. On the return leg it was like having a turbo fitted with a massive tailwind. The lines have dried up nicely with only a couple of small puddles / muddy sections. If I knew how dry it was I would have tried out my new mtb Sidi shoes but used my dirty spare pair instead. Not too many people out and about but just as I was coming back into Brandon near Stoneacre garage there was a loud hissing sound coming from the back wheel, yet another rear puncture. Once back at home it looks like another one through the side wall, probably glass this time. Below are a couple of pics, enjoy and hopefully more soon.

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