31 July 2017

Fresh Goods Monday - Panaracer Gravelking SK & Kcnc Razor Rotors & Mt Zoom headset spacers

The new tyres landed on Saturday, hopefully they will be as good as my other Gravelking tyres. I opted for the 38c version as they no longer do a 40c and the next one is 43c which might not have enough clearance on the frame / forks.
The new Kcnc razor 140mm rotors also landed on Saturday, I have been using these for years with no problems what so ever and are good value for money.
If you order three items from xc racer shop you get 5% discount so decided to buy some Mt Zoom Ultralight headset spacers for when I fit the new Thomson stem. Thanks to Ant for the very fast service/delivery.
The only part missing now is the Hunt wheels which are ready to collect inc rear axle conversion kit.
Fingers crossed and all going well they will be hitting some dirt at the back end of the week on the Mason.

30 July 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - Storck Bottle Cage Comp

I have bought and used many different types - shapes  / manufacturers / alloy / carbon bottle cages over the past 30 years. Some have been good, some have been crap and some have been just far too expensive. Now is here is a blast from the past for some atb'ers out there - Ringle H2O and I still have one in my spares bucket. Anyway I was after another good quality light carbon cage for when I was building the Slate up and Storck were selling this model off. It was cheap compared to a Lightweight Edelhelfer Bottle Cage 18g rrp £90. The cage has a matt finish and grips all my bottle shapes I have very well. Not one has popped out during rough off road sections. Fitting is easy enough with two bolts (supplied) as per normal. The cage has no down or up movement on the bosses as there is only one set of holes.
Here is the manufacturers info -
ART.NO.: 14345 FF

RRP £39  I paid £28.50



29 July 2017

Saturday morning spin through to Bishop n back on the old lines

Forecast was dry so decided to have a spin along the old railways to Bishop Auckland and back. The heavy overnight rain formed more bigger puddles and muddy sections through the wooded sections. There was a canny headwind all the way through as well as odd spots of rain but sunny spells now and then. Once at Bishop we did some banking, then shopping including the pie shop next to Infinity Cycles then to the café for a cuppa and bacon buttie. On the way back it was slightly warmer and a tailwind so was a lot easier going. Lines were busy with cyclists inc a few riders we knew. Angus took the Cannondale Slate Apex, I was on my Mason Bokeh and Jane on her Scott Contessa carbon scale, no probs. Once back home it was shower, wash the bikes and cycle kit in the washer time! Below are some pics of the ride and hopefully more soon -

28 July 2017

Local walk and some new goodies

Well the forecasted rain never came so time to go and have a 5 mile local trail walk over to Pity Me Nurseries café for a cuppa and scone. The most of the tracks are muddy and slippery at the mo, adds to the fun!

A few more goodies for the Mason, new stem. New sized inner tubes from Halfords - 5no for £10 thanks Andrew and a new cassette for the new wheels next week. Thanks Ian from Evans Cycles just under £45.

27 July 2017

Spin along the muddy / damp railway to Bishop and back

I have had 5 days off any form of exercise apart from general walking as I have not been feeling the best and the weather has been a very mixed bag.
I had a better sleep last night and felt better this morning so managed a steady away spin along the line to Bishop and back. The lines are wet and muddy in places after the heavy rain yesterday and busy with other cyclists. The max temperature on the Garmin was 12 degrees! yes and its mid summertime. I had three layers on my top half and did not feel too hot at any point during the ride.
Enough about me and some news on new bike parts! - I have enjoyed he Mason that much since buying it I have opted for another set of wheels but 700c this time with either 38 or 40c rubber. More on this soon- thanks Calvin from Westbrook Cycles & Mike from Biketreks Ings.