31 July 2016

Sunday morning gravel ride on the Bowman Pilgrims & Norco Search

Today we were out and about early morning in the lovely fresh sunshine. We decided to ride a mainly gravel route ride with short interlinking sections of tarmac cycle lanes / country lanes.
Angus was on the Bowman Pilgrims and I was on my new Norco Search. The weather was fantastic but a real strong head wind places which made it tough going on some of the open sections. Not sure what is going on but the trails were very quiet again with only a few other cyclists, couple of runners and a few dog walkers, every one must be of their holidays!
Yesterday we had a day out down to Stokesley and Great Ayton. When were in Stokesley we called in past Westbrook Cycles to collect another pair of Panaracer Gravel King 28c tyres that I had ordered. I swapped my original pair from the Bowman on to the Norco when I rebuilt it, Angus was running Conti 4 seasons but now he has his own Gravel Kings. Todays ride was the maiden ride for them and just like mine no problems. Some of the trail sections on todays route have been patched with large stone so was bumpy going in some places but on the whole they coped very well for a 28c tyre. Below are a few pics, enjoy and more soon -

New signage at Broompark

29 July 2016

Todays local ride with Arran to Durham on the Krampgrease with 5" Bud up front!

Me and Arran went out the mtb's for a local spin down to Durham so I could do some banking as its pay day! I took the Krampgrease with the 29"x 3+" on the rear and a 26"x 5+" up front. Its been a while since I have ridden a Salsa with the 5" tyre on the front, so much cushion and grip but draggy on the climbs though! Good laugh riding through Durham market place to get to the bank with hundreds of visitors / shoppers stopping in their tracks and looking at the bike. Arran took his Scott carbon scale, he loves riding this bike its just hard work to get him to go out on it sometimes.
As for the ride well it was more of a leisure ride than flat out ride but Arran did drop me on every hill but he could not keep up with me on the down hills. As for the weather same as normal, sunshine one minute and overcast the next with a stiff breeze. Not that hot in the shade but still sweating on the climbs. Below are a few pics from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -