31 May 2017

Yet another sunny and hot ride on the Mason Bokeh

The Mason has had a few days away with daft lad Richy churning in some big miles at a very high ave! He is smitten and thinking about buying one now!
Back to normal steady away pace with me today over Hetton way for a mixed loop of off road and country lanes / minor roads. As you can see in the photos below from the ride that it was sunny and hot again so I made the most it. The turbines were spinning away as there was quite a stiff breeze blowing. Just a short loop on the way home from my last site visit over that direction. The tracks were very quiet  and dry with hardly nobody else out and about.
I stripped down the headset / stem and found the expander bung had puller out of the fork steerer tube so adjusted that and refitted the stem etc. Hopefully it will not work loose again, if so I will fit a Cannondale bung in.
Enjoy and hopefully more soon -

Short break away to the Lakes

Me, Jane & Arran had a short break over to the Lakes over the Bank Hol weekend and by god it was busy & wet!
We took in Ings, Ambleside, Keswick, Penrith & Alston the way home. The weather was very mixed to say the least! We stopped at the Premier Inn at Penrith and had a terrible room, not too worry it was only for one night!
Below are some photos from our mini trip away, enjoy and more soon -