2 March 2017

Early Thursday Morning local (mainly) offroad ride on the Litespeed

Yesterday afternoon after washing and sorting of the Beast of the East I got the Litespeed ready for todays ride (see photos below) then Jane wanted to go out for a walk so we had a bimble over to Pity Me Nurseries café for a cuppa and cake. Just as we were leaving to head home the heavens opened and we got a good soaking. Luckily it did not last long and sun was soon out again to dry us off. A nice muddy 4.5 miler mainly in the sun.
Again I was up and out before 7am for a local ride - I joined on to the Lanchester line and headed for Brrompark then took the old railway line to Bishop. Crossed over the viaduct, through and out of the town and joined on the old railway line to Spenny, then through Spenny town centre, Tudhoe Village and come out at the back of Croxdale. This is where I joined the cycle lane and down to the Honest Lawyer then up the canny old drag all the way up to the Cock of the North. I then headed down past the Crem, turned through the University's and onto the track to bring me back out onto the cycle lane towards Nevilles Cross. I seen a few more people / cyclists today compared to yesterdays lonely 1no dog walker for the whole time I was out. As for the weather there was no overnight frost or ice but there was a much stronger freezing cold wind toady. The sun burnt through around 7.45am but did not bring much heat into the air. The Garmin never reached much above one degree for the whole ride.
As the for the lines / trails well they are dryish, no big puddles just mushy in the wooded sections.
Below are some photos from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon.

Change the pedals, put on some newer Ritchey spd's that I had spare from the slate.

Dropped the saddle height, Angus must have used it last and fitted a new top tube bag, pumped up the tyres

Lubed up the drive chain, popped on my Garmin and water bottle and she ready to go

Heading home over the fields after the rain shower

Widening the track coming out of Willington

Now time to was, dry & lube the Litespeed and look out tomorrows bike ready for another ride hopefully.

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