29 August 2016

Wet Sunday walk & a sunny hot Bank Hol Mon ride to Auckland Castle

What a difference a day makes, yesterday (Sunday) was horrible overcast and very heavy rain showers for most of the day, not very good for the Durham Big Ride & Roof of England Sportive. I did some internal jobs but got bored and seemed to dry up a little so went out for a local walk. Within three miles the heavens opened so started to head home then it dried up again so extended the walk then the heavens re opened. By now I was damp but not soaking as I took my pertex jacket and shower proof trousers. I wanted some more miles in so headed off again after sheltering under the trees. Five miles later and the heavens opened yet again, enough was enough and headed home in the lashing rain. Six miles was ok and it was time to get some soup on the go. Within 10 minutes of being in the house the sun came out, typical!
Today the sun was shinning and it was hot, this is not normal for a Bank Hol Monday so we headed off out on the bikes to Auckland Castle for a cuppa and cake. The lines were wet and muddy in places but still fast going. There was quite a few other people out enjoying the good weather. After the morning tea break we headed back home along the old railway line, a very enjoyable route / leg spin.
Below are few pics from the ride & walk, enjoy and more soon.

28 August 2016

Scotland Part 3 - Glentress blue and some green

Thursday it was back to cloud but still dry, warm and no wind or rain so win win and back out on the bikes again. Again we rode down to Peebles then onto Glentress using the sustrans cycleway. Today ride was the full blue, nothing new just more worn and rutted than ever. Its about time they spent some car parking fees on re topping some sections! As ever the trails were deadly quiet. Its the quietist we have seen Glentress / Peebles in school holidays but the Scotttish kids were back. We had a look around Alpine bikes who have also been bought out but still using the Alpine name. They had a good sale on so Arran got some Fox long fingered gloves half price, and we all got a 7 Stanes hooded sweater for £10 each!
Friday and the sun was back out and red hot again, more wind today and also packing up to go home so we did the top green, some skills loop, some jump loops and bottom blue from Buzzards nest before heading home down the 68.
Part 4 with some general photos to follow asap, enjoy.