11 March 2017

Gravel ride up to Hownsgill and back with Jane

Today Jane wanted a spin out on her Scott Contessa carbon scale so joined on to the old railway line from Bearpark up to Consett and had a cuppa and food in the Hownsgill Tea room. The cafĂ© was busy and there was quite a few out on the lines as well.
As for the weather well as you can see in the photos it was overcast and cloudy the whole ride but was not too cold. We had a slight headwind all the way back but it was mainly downhill. I took the Dale Slate Apex again just to get a few more miles under her belt bedding in the new gears.
Once back home it was bike wash, dry and lube time. Followed by a quick wash of Angus's car then on with some jobs around the house.
Below are a few snaps from todays ride, hope you enjoy and more soon -

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