31 August 2015

The North East Military Vehicle Rally @ the DLI

Typical Bank Hol Monday weather  - cold, damp & overcast with heavy rain showers. Yes the Military Rally returned to the grounds of the DLI for a fantastic show of military vehicles and displays. Been going to this for many years and is a canny few hours out inc a cuppa from the café on a Bank Hol.

30 August 2015

Fresh Goods Sunday - Bontrager Race Lite Bottle Cage

This was an emergency buy from Alpine Bikes on a Sunday when we were on our summer hols in Peebles. I had snapped my Topeak cage when doing Innerlethin red loop and we did not have a spare cage. Believe it or not this was the only bottle cage Alpine Bikes had for sale and in a couple of colours, I got the last black one. Fitting is easy just the normal two bolts and a full water bottle holds fairly well. I would not use it on a down tube on a mtb as the bottle will probably go flying. We fitted it to the seat tube and bottle was held in under the frame bag. When we got home I transferred it onto the Bowman Pilgrims down tube and have not lost a bottle when using the bike off road but then its normally smooth'ish going. The only downside is the cage holder sits quite high on a 500ml bottle and is hard to get a grip of the remaining bottle to pull it from the cage. A 550ml or 750ml bottle is higher so more to grab hold of. The rrp is £11, defo not worth that, shop around for discount. This cage comes in loads of colours and I mean loads so you should be able to find a colour to match your bike colour scheme.
Here is the manufacturers blurb - "
The Bontrager Race Lite Bottle Cage provides the same secure bottle hold as the carbon RXL in a more economical, composite material providing another great option in bottle retention and styling.
These composite cages are super strong yet lightweight and are look great while securely holding small and large water bottles on your road or mountain bike. Available in a wide variety of colours."
Here is a link to Evans who stock a lot of colours and Bonti's website.

28 August 2015

Week off the bikes and on holiday

After our rather damp holiday in Scotland and Angus, Jane then me taken bad for a week I decided to take some more holidays.
I was at work on Monday and now off until next Wednesday. Forecast was looking good so time to enjoy some local days out etc
Tuesday we headed over to Diggerland at Langley Park. We have been every year since Angus was a nipper and is a canny day out. The admission prices (£20 per person) are getting more and more each time we go and I think this is starting to affect numbers as it was not busy and very few queues for the rides, better for us. Nothing new this year for Angus & Arran but I haven't been for a few years so some new rides for me. All the staff are locals so canny enough and friendly.

Wednesday I had some jobs to do around Gilesgate / Dragonville then down to Stockesley for some shopping, call in past Westys to return the 3T handlebars. We had planned on doing Footgolf over at the golf club instead of crazy golf but it was that windy the footballs would have blown away so decided on the driving range as Angus was working the last time we had a go. What a laugh as we are not golfers and the balls were flying everywhere.

Thursday we were catching up with jobs at home etc. The van front discs were warped so had them to renew and pads. The last time I renewed a set of discs one was seized on solid and struggled to get it off so was not keen. I got some quotes - £150 to £350! the parts cost me just under £60 and took us less than an hour and I don't have a ramp like garages do, that's some labour charge!! they dropped off thank god, then it was gardening and trying to sort out the in laws new ipad and internet out. Full day gone

Friday - forecast dry but windy so headed up to Hall Hill Farm just outside Lanchester. Its been a few years since we have been to this farm as since Adventure Valley has opened up its just down the hill for us. Hall Hill has changed over the years we new activities and old the old favourites. I like how they put on a programme of events through the day where visitors can join in. £25 for a family ticket and the café / shop are not too badly priced either. As ever  Hall Hill is located right on the top of a hill and is normally windy on a non windy day up there so today was good fun. There are sheltered locations out of the wind as well and a indoor play barn for when its peeing down.