17 January 2022

Local road ride taking in a few hills in the sunshine


After a rather cold and overcast weekend with some rain mixed in it was like a different day again today. There was a lovely sunrise followed by some rather nice sunshine. The frost soon lifted and left a pleasant day. I fancied another road ride taking in some lanes etc that I did back in the summer last week but with a few tweaks. I thought I would chance it not fitting my back up battery as I was hoping the main battery would last around 35+ miles. Well I kept going and adding extra loops onto the route and the climbing was well over 3000ft, the battery finally died at 38 miles and 3500ft of climbing. I was half way up the hill in Ushaw Moor, at crossroads which is half way up the hill before I turned right at the T junction to Bearpark at the top. Its the first time I have ever drained 100% of battery but the display still had one bar in red. Below are a few photos from the ride. All in just over 39 miles with an ave 14mph and total 3800ft of climbing. 

16 January 2022

Fresh Goods Sunday - Exposure Lights Helmet Mount Bracket - EXPHM


Following on from last weeks Fresh Gods Sunday - Exposure Sirius light I mentioned that I started using it mounted to one of my helmets. This is possible via one of Exposure’s many brackets. The helmet mount bracket has been around for many years now and to my knowledge has never changed in design. There are two parts, one which holds the light on the external side of the helmet with a threaded internal sleeve on the inside. The second part is a disc shape which fits on the inside of the helmet and has a hole in the middle for a threaded plastic bolt. The bracket kits comes with two different lengths of bolt so suit different thicknesses of helmet construction. One thing I would check before you are thinking of ordering a bracket / mounting your light to your helmet is to pick which hemet you are going to use has a central channel / air vent in the middle front / top half of your helmet where the bracket can be fixed through. Many helmets now a days don't have a central air vent so you could not fit this type of bracket, unless you want to drill a hole through your helmet! Fitting is simple enough, setting up how far the bracket needs to be positioned up and down the helmet takes a while longer. Also the angle of the bracket when the light is fitted can only be done I feel whilst riding in the dark and you get used to having the light on your helmet. Riders who have used lights mounted to their helmets probably find the final setting up / adjustment part way quicker but this was a first for me. One thing to note dont over tighten the plastic bolt as you will easily strip the plastic hex head. The quality is good but why could they not have used a metal nut set into the top bracket so you could use a metal hex bolt? Some reviews say the brackets have come loose. I have not found this yet. Once I finally had the bracket in the correct position and the angle of the holder right it has not moved out of place. I do run several helmets through the year so have a dedicated winter helmet so the bracket will not be coming of in the spring. As for value for money well what can you say, its two pieces of well moulded plastic and two plastic bolts for £22! As ever shop around for deals or visit your local Exposure dealer if you have one. 

RRP £22 and I paid £18.29 inc 48hr p&p from Tweeks Cycles (Ebay shop) 17% discount. 

Manufacturers blurb - Helmet mount bracket kit with ball joint for precise positioning, comes with long and short bolt for compatibility with most helmets.
Product Compatibility - Equinox, Diablo SYNC, Diablo, Axis, Joystick, Sirius, Switch, Link, Link Plus, Equestrain Link, Equestrain Link Plus, Zenith

14 January 2022

Spin up the C2C old line to Consett n back


Yet again another glorious day here in Co Durham weather wise so I took the Creo gravel bike up the old railway line from Pelton Fell to Consett n back. A lovely simple out n back ride with very little wind today compared to yesterdays ride. The sun was out again but it felt a lot colder with the Garmin reading around 3 degrees. There was quite a bit of frost / icy sections on the line in the shaded parts. The line was lovely and quiet with not many others out n about. I also swapped my 650b wheelset for my DT Swiss 700c wheels. What a difference it makes on the smoother tarmacked sections of the line. The wheels were flying on the descent on the way back down! 
All in 22 miles in 1hr 41mins, ave 13mph with just under 900ft of climbing. Below are a few snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon-