12 July 2024

Back out on my bike - rain has finally stopped - Creo 2 gravel


Don't worry I am still in the land of living! It has been just over two weeks since I have been out on my bike. I have had several flu's, the last two were nearly back to back. I was on election duties which took me 3-4 days to recover from general tiredness / fatigue. The weather has been crap and just generally run down and no mojo. I was up and out very early this morning as it was dry and the rain has finally stopped. It did feel good to get back out again and you don't realise what you have missed until you get back out in the fresh air again. I thought I would have been struggling so picked a flat route on County Durham's old railway lines so not much climbing, easier on my lungs. There was a few others out n about but not many. There was a really cold stiff wind and the Garmin was reading just above 9 degrees! I had on my long sleeved summer jersey with my winter gilet and base layer on my top half. I even picked out my old winter socks to keep my toes a little warmer. The miles just seemed to keep flowing and managed just over 28 in the end. Climbing was just under 900ft, I took my Creo 2 gravel bike and had no problems what so ever. Below are a few snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon- 

30 June 2024

Fresh Goodies - Fenwick's All Condition Chain Lube & Thule Chasm 40 Litre Bag

It has been a while since I have done a Fresh Goodies blog so here you go - Fenwicks All Condition Chain lube. I have only ever used Fenwicks Foaming degreaser which I have used for many years and don't use anything else. All the lubes are Finishline and have never changed from them in over 30 years but I thought I would give this one a go and I have heard good reviews about it. 
RRP £9.59 and I got it for £6.96 from Teams Cycles in 24hr delivery. 

I also treated myself to a new holdall bag which I use when taking the bike in my van to carry my helmet, shoes, clothes etc. I did not want anything too big, just big enough to get in what I wanted. I have used Thule products for many years and the quality is fantastic but you pay a high price for it! 
I will do a Fresh Goods Sunday blog on the bag after a few months use but it has one external pocket on the end, two internal zipped pockets on the flap lid. It can also be used as a backpack and comes with its own pouch bag when the bag is folded / rolled up. 
RRP £119.99 and I paid £94.73 from Teams Cycles inc 24hr delivery 

29 June 2024

York Cycle Festival 21st - 23rd June inc Retrobike Show


It has been many years since we headed down to York for the annual cycle show. This year grass track racing was back on the Saturday and there was a display from Retrobike show.  It has scaled down in size from what it was years ago but still a canny day out of the weather is playing ball! 
There was loads of Retro bikes from era and some I have always dreamed of owning! It was also fantastic to see the grass racing circuit was back and made a fantastic focal point on Saturday. 
There was free car parking and free entry. The programme was only a quid and had to buy the pin badge as a souvenir of the event. 

I also treated myself to spare pair of Shimano SPD SL cleats in yellow - 6 degrees float for my spares tub as I don't have any. A tenner from a stall that has been going probably longer than I have! 

It brought back many memories for Angus as he did all the kids events at the show over the many years. 

27 June 2024

Very early morning spin along two of Co Durham's old railway lines


I was up and out the door very early this morning for a pre work ride. One of my regular loops has a section closed between Mon - Fri from 8am until 3pm (see photos below). It was overcast and cloudy with a strong wind early doors. The Garmin was only reading around 13 degrees so had three layers on my top half and I was feeling cold in some places. As you can imagine there was very few others out n about just after 6am. I went from Bishop Auckland on the old railway line to Spennymoor, then the back lanes to Tudhoe village, Croxdale, Sunderland Bridge then up the long climb to the Bransden pub at Brandon. Here I turned left and took the old railway line all the way back to Bishop Auckland. I took my Creo 2 gravel as it was still dirty from the previous ride out. All in just over 19 miles in 1hr 17mins with 750ft of climbing. Below are a few snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon - 

26 June 2024

Ride down the old C2C to Hylton, Sunderland on the Specialized Creo 2.


Another sunny day and still very warm here in Co Durham so it is time to sling my leg over the saddle and have another ride. The temperature was a lot more bearable today compared to yesterday and there was a lovely cooling stiff breeze. It was a simple out n back as I did not have much spare time to Hylton viaduct, Sunderland. The tracks were bone dry now no signs of any mud etc down that way. I took the Creo 2 for a change as I have not been out on it for a while. There was a few others out enjoying the sun but not too many. All in 21 miles with 850ft of climbing. Below are a few snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon-