31 March 2017

Local gravel ride on the Cannondale Super X Hi mod.

Yesterday when I checked the forecast it was looking like the best day of the week- dry, sunshine and no wind. Looked out the bling line slayer and my new Sidi mtb shoes ready. Checked again first thing this am and the forecast had changed to rain for most of the day and strong winds. I put on my spare mtb shoes but still took the Cannondale Super X out. God this bike flies along when you have a massive tailwind and deep rims. Well the rain did not come to much but kept going very dark now and then with a few spots of rain mixed in but on the whole a dry ride. As for the wind well that was a killer heading up the line from Consett to Waskerley. After the first hump and on the long open straight that was enough for me so I turned and headed back. Quite a few people out and about today. Below are a few pics from the ride and hopefully more soon.
PS - Bishop Auckland Food Festival in on this weekend.

Working on the massive puddle in the bottom of the dip on my "1/2 over route" that I have not done for quite a few years

30 March 2017

Hot & cloudy / sunny gravel ride on the Cannondale Slate Apex + catch up

On Monday I did a 5k run along the old railway line, its was cloudy, cool and windy but some how my Garmin Forerunner said pb at the end 27.57mins and fastest mile. Not sure how that happened as I did not intend to go fast! or should I say slightly faster. If I can ever get some weight off I should hopefully be down to around the 25min mark again.
Tuesday was warmer but still cloudy and windy but with some sun so had a local off road walk out with Jane for just over 5 miles in 1hr 30mins.
Wednesday was a day off from exercise so I was back on it today. I took my last 1/2 day holiday so managed a bike ride to Bishop and back on the Cannondale Slate Apex. Again it was cloudy and a headwind on the way out but the temperature was varying from around 13 degrees up to 18 degrees on the way back with the tail wind, it was warm to say the least. The lines were quiet with just a few other users out and about. Got a right mouthful from a scruffy looking local at Brandon with his dog telling me to slow down as I rang the bell three times and passed him and his dog with a 3ft gap doing less than 5mph - charming! I could not even be bothered to answer to the arse. Also managed a walk for nearly 2 hours as well.
Below are a few snaps from the ride and hopefully more soon -

and in todays post

along with this

and this

Called in past Inspiral Cycles at Bishop when I was out and about at Bishop the other day, he has a great selection of all cycling disciplines and has two staff now. The shop is rammed packed full of gear. I could not help myself and the wallet came out ! cheers Gavin

26 March 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - SiDi Wire Carbon Vernice Road Cycling Shoe

Following on from my purchase of some new Sidi mtb shoes these soon followed. They are the same model and the same colour but in the road version. I have a couple pairs of Sidi road shoes and the buckle is not a 100% on one pair and the other pair I suffer from aches and pains in the arch area of my foot after 1.5 hours in the saddle. So I swapped the good buckle onto my spare pair that are comfortable and will now use them as my spare pair. I will use these Wire Carbon Venice as my main shoes from now on. They have all the bells and whistles on this model (read spec sheet below) and I have worn them only a couple of times as the weather has not good enough yet for some proper miles in them. They are very stiff and comfortable to date. The adjustment is via two dial / wire ratchet systems which are very easy to operate. After a few miles when my feet have bedded in I always like to readjust / tighten the straps whilst riding, again this is easy enough as along as you don't have to thick a winter glove on but if it was that cold I would have my Nothwave boots on! I will report back more over the hopefully warmer coming months when I get a few more miles in them.
RRP £325, I paid £162.88 inc p&p

Manufacturers blurb -
SiDi Wire Carbon Air Vernice
The Wire Carbon Vernice Road Shoe features all the outstanding quality and top end features that make Sidi a staple of cycle shoe excellence. With Soft Instep 3 Closure, Adjustable Heel Retention and Techno-3 dial for a detailed custom fit.
The wide, curved strap of the Soft Instep Closure System combines with a thermo-formed EVA pad to distribute pressure evenly over the instep area. Sidi have made the system adjustable from either side so you can center the pad perfectly. You can replace the entire system to ensure your shoe performs to the top level even after years of wear.
  • Soft Instep 3 closure system for micro adjusted fit
  • Light weight and stiff Vent Carbon Sole with integrated air channels
  • Techno-3 System dials with proprietary non-binding wire for custom fit
  • Adjustable Heel Retention Device reinforces heel cup for better fit during high movement moments
  • Sidi Heel Cup for added durability and stable footing
  • Cleat Fitting - 3 Bolt Look Type:
  • Sole Material: Carbon fibre
  • Soft Instep 3

Vent Carbon Sole:
A replaceable polyurethane heel pad and replaceable integrated toe pad/vent cover give your shoe excellent walkability. The light weight and stiff properties of the Vent Carbon Sole allow for high performing power transfer. Designed with integrated vent and air channels, the resulting heat dissipation and air flow make for comfortable warm weather wearing. With the option to open or close the vents you can be sure of comfort whatever the weather. 
A weave pattern carbon fibre construction maximizes the soles stiffness while allowing for a small degree of flex in the toes. This carefully designed flex biomechanically relieves stress on the plantar tendon and helps promote circulation. A standard 3-hole drilling pattern, printed 10 mm lateral, fore/aft cleat alignment scale and the Look Memory Eyelet combine to result in an easy cleat usage system. You'll be able to replace and align your cleats with ease for your perfect fit and positioning. The vents also assist water draining, helping you lose the water after a wet triathlon transition.
Techno-3 System:
The dials of Sidi's Techno-3 System are placed along the length of the shoe so you can adapt the upper shape to fit your needs. A proprietary non-binding wire material means that the dials can be quickly adjusted on the fly with minimal effort. Sidi's knack for making great systems that can be serviced or replaced continues with the Techno-3 System.
Adjustable Heel Retention Device:
Simultaneously reinforcing the heel cup and adding yet more tweakable fit options, the Adjustable Heel Retention Device closes the back of the shoe securely around your heel. This way, the back of the heel stays in place better during steep climbs or sprints. The system is light weight, easy to use and fully replaceable. 
Sidi Heel Cup:
A reinforced heel helps hold your feet in an optimal position. The extra strength also prevents the shoe losing its shape when exposed to prolonged pressure and extreme performance, so you can ride with confidence.


25 March 2017

Frosty and sunny Saturday morning local road ride on Cannondale Black Inc Nano

What a horrible week of weather but the sun finally came out and it stopped raining on Friday. Shame I did not have time to get a ride in. Once I finished work I washed and gutted the van out as it was going in for it 1st year service this morning but managed a quick walk with Angus late on. Thursday we managed to get a good walk in for a couple of hours.
Back to today and I had to drop the van off at the garage for 8am so packed the bike in and did a local loop from there. By the time I got back to the garage it was just over 36 miles. It started off with a heavy overnight frost and the Garmin was reading less than 2 degrees but after 36 miles the Garmin was reading 13 degrees. What a cracking morning for a ride, the sun was shinning the whole time and very little wind. The sun yesterday must  have dried up the country lanes but the gritter's had been out so washed and dried the bike once I got home. The roads were quiet'ish with traffic as well and seen quite a few roadies out enjoying the sun as well. The bike was flying along but I am still not back to full power and still suffering from man flue, just cannot shake it off. Once home it was garden time and had a good fours cutting, raking away the winter rubbish, even got time to wash the car before going to our Islay's birthday party.
Below are a couple of snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -