29 August 2018

NECCL RD 1 This Saturday @ Bedlington

U12’s 12:00 noon, entry fee £1, 10-15 mins
U14/16’s/Novice Lady, 12:30pm, entry fee £3, 30 mins
Sen/Vet/Lady/Junior, 1:30pm, £8 on-line or £10 on the day for TLI Members, £16 non TLI Members, 50-60min
Best 5 from 9 to count for overall league standing.
Current License fee £12.00, makes sense to join if you’re planning on doing more than 1 event. More info on the TLI website

2018 Calendar

26 August 2018

Barnard Castle Truck Show

Typical Bank Hol weekend weather! hot and sunny one day then lashing rain, windy and down to 9 degrees the next. We were all going to go through to the truck show today but the weather / forecast was just too bad so only me and Angus went through. It was very quiet and very wet and very cold. The tractor pulling did not fire up so after two loops of the field and watched the truck pushing we headed home. Below are some pics, I used the new camera but the setting was too high so the images are mega size below, sorry if they are slow to load up. I have changed the setting on the camera for the next lot.

22 August 2018

Fury Events @ Brromhouse Farm - Quads and Shooting

Aa part of Arrans birthday gone he got two activity vouchers for two people at Fury events. Today was the first time Arran and Angus were off today so we headed up the hill in to the clouds and did some shooting and some quad bike trekking. Arran is a master on the shot guns and only missed a couple. They both had a fantastic time on the quads and they both said it was the best route yet through the woods etc. Below are a few snaps, enjoy and hopefully more soon.
PS - Fresh Goods Sunday will be back in a week or so.

21 August 2018

Couple of Days in the Lakes

Sorry for the lack of blogs last week but I have been busy at work and home. It was non stop and never got any time to get out on the bike. We managed a squeeze in a cheap one nightery over in the lakes taking in the scenery etc. The weather was mixed as normal in the lakes with rain, wind, cold, heat etc all in the same day. Keswick was not that busy and Penrith was lovely and quiet. Below are a few snaps from the short break. Enjoy.

We went to Morrisons for breakfast and some shopping and they had the air con on full blast. It was like sitting in a freezer.

New E bike shop in Keswick has opened up opposite Booths supermarket.