26 June 2016

Fresh Goods Sunday - Bridgedale & Barbour socks

Since starting taking up the walking malarkey I did not have any socks that were long enough in the ankle to come up past my Alt Berg boots. The first pair I bought were the Barbour Cotton Coolmax socks when we were on holiday which are quiet thick but are NOT cool. These have got to be the warmest socks I have ever worn. I can only wear them when its really cold with my winter boots as your feet get too hot. They are very comfortable but a little loose around the top of the ankle area.
So I was on the look out for some cooler socks so when I was in Cotswolds in Durham I was recommended the Bridgedale Light Hicker which are thinner than the Barbour version and cooler. I have worm them on and off over the last couple of months and are very comfortable on long and short walks over varied terrains.
Then when we were down at Alt Berg factory in Richmond for Angus & Jane to buy some boots I bought a summer pair of boots and wanted a thinner and even more cooler sock so went back to Cotswolds and bought the Trailhead version but the ankle length was not long enough so swapped them for the Ultralight  model which are perfect for the warmer day in my summer boots. They don't offer as much comfort under foot but are much cooler and stop my feet from boiling up.
Angus has bought the Trail model and is better for shorter walks but wanted something with some more cushioning on longer walks so he bought some light hiker ones and has had no problems.
Bridgedale is a British Company and have very good reviews and now have more than 500 products in their range, here is a link to Mens Socks they also do ladies and kids inc hats and gloves. Here is a link to Cotswold range. For the money I hope they last a few good years of use.

22 June 2016

Day off before the elections so time for a ride on the Krampgrease followed by a walk

Day off today to get ready for the elections tomorrow but time for a spin on a bike followed by a walk.
I was up and getting the Krampgease ready early morning with the sun blazing away. It was red hot already so no base layer / arm warmers today. Its been a while since I have ridden the Krampgrease so I was looking forward to it. I have forgot just how comfortable this bike is to ride and just how quick it rolls along the old smooth railway lines when you get it up to speed. The plan was to ride over to Baxters Wood over the back way to join onto the old line to Broompark then turn onto the Brandon line then drop down to Croxdale Estate, out at Bowburn then the back way down to Maiden Castle and meet up with Jane in the van at Low Shincliffe. Really enjoyed spinning a few miles on this bike and must start taking it out more often. After 18 miles Jane was waiting so got changed in to walking gear and off we set for a lovely off road loop just under 7 miles. Again it was cool in wooded sections, stiff breeze in places with the sun in and out the whole time. Below are a few pics from the ride / walk, enjoy and more soon -