31 July 2014

New 2015 Fat Bikes

Nick Craig has test ridden this bike
Many of the Manufacturers have been releasing details of their 2015 model range inc many new Fat Bikes. Scott, Rocky Mountain etc have added a Fat bike into their 2015 line up along with compaines which joined in the action in 2014. Below are a few photos of some of the models which may or may not hit the UK shores. 

Kona have a much improved spec this year

Rocky Mountains model

Caribou 26" version

Caribou 24" version

Even smaller than the 24" version

And even bigger than a 29"+ er version !

29 July 2014

MTB Marathon Series Rd 4 - Drumlanrig Castle - Bonny Scotland, Sun 3rd Aug

These are the guys who used to organise Selkirk Mtb Marathon and are returning back to Scotland but at a new venue @ Drumlanrig Castle -
This magnificent 17th century castle is one of Scotland finest stately homes. Drumlanrig Castle has in recent years been host to a stage of the Tour of Britain, British National and numerous Scottish cross country races. This spectacular venue not only provides a touch of upper class camping in the castle grounds but the eighty thousand acre Queensberry estate, Ae forest and the way marked trails within the grounds offers enough scope for the 100+ km monster marathon.

Full details are here on their website, same as previous years with three races distances on the day. 

Cracking looking T Shirt

27 July 2014

Fresh Goods Sunday - Part 2 Sram 1 X-SYNC Chainring

Part 2 this week - chainring- I have a 28t fitted from standard on my XX1 chainset (the smallest you can get) and is a perfect size with the XX1 cassette / 4" tyres & County Durhams terrain/climbs. Again as the chain i havent had any problems with the chainring and not done anything apart from wash/clean it now and again. The coloured anodising has worn off in places on the teeth but apart from that its perfect. It is not showing any signs of hooking/major wear yet, i was expecting to be replacing it on a regular basis due to its the only chainring on the front and is very small. I bought a spare 28t again for 'just in case garage stock' or as a replacement when the original wears out. I was quite hard to find a 28t in the uk as all the stock seems to be sold out and not replaced. Plenty 30+t options but not 28t so not a huge amount of discounted prices. Below is the blurb from sram -  Replacement chain rings in 76mm BCD for XX1 cranks. Replace a worn out ring or swap to change gearing; crank removal not required.

Ratios Available in 28T, 30T, 32T, 34T, 36T, 38T

Recommended Group XX1

Sunday Morning ride upto Hownsgill Viaduct via the cafe

After a red hot night with no breeze it was lovely to get out on the bike with a strong cooling wind for a change, the temperature was alot lower this morning and was pleasant to ride the for a change. Today we set off from Broompark Picnic area up the old railway line towards Consett. Once we reached Knitsley Farm Shop/Cafe Jane & Arran had a refreshment break. Me and Angus continued into the headwind up to the coal truck junction then along to Hownsgill Viaduct for a quick photo. You could hardly stand up as the wind was that strong so a quick u turn to head back down to Knitsley with a massive tail wind. Me & Angus had some refreshments then we all headed back to Bearpark. From here Angus turned off and rode home, we continued to Broompark. 26miles of easy riding but my legs are getting tired now, 6 days of riding without a day off, might have a rest day tomorrow or Tuesday before some more MTBing ! Below is a few photos from ride enjoy - 

26 July 2014

Early Saturday morning road ride

Woke up at 5.30am so decided to go out on my road bike for cool ride. I was hoping it would be cloudy / overcast like the last couple of mornings but the sun was blazing away just after 6am. I did my local loop of County Durham villages taking in some nice short but steep climbs with only one in the sun - Quarrington Hill from back of Old Kelloe direction. Again the temperature went from 11.5 when i set off to 19 degress when i got back in. I cover 32miles in just under 2hrs so pleased with that. Below are a couple of pics from the ride.  

Swaped the Bud over back to the Dillinger for a couple of weeks

Check out the width difference! that BUD is beastly massive

25 July 2014

Trip out to Hamsterley Forest

Its been a while since we have had a family trip over to the forest, the forecast was red hot & sunny again so packed the van and we were off. Plan of the day was a ride first thing before it got too hot, picnic lunch then chill out and muck around in the stream etc. Well it was red hot for the ride and blazing sunshine the whole time apart from the singletrack sections through the trees. The open moor part was powder dry & sandy apart from the massive 2 feet deep puddles (see photos) but was 100% rideable this time and the ferns have been cut back on the last section back into the forest. The singletrack trails through the heather etc get more technical each time we go up there and is a good test of skill and great practice. After 2hrs + that was it, time to park the bikes up for the rest of the day and chill, well that should be bake in the sun. Here is a link the gallery of photos and a couple of video clips.  

At the top Doctors Gate