30 September 2016

Friday spin on a gravel / tarmac local loop

Well its Friday and what a week it has been at work. Needed to clear the head / mind so took to the bike for an hour or so. I headed off and it was lovely and sunny / 15 degrees, the wind still blowing away but no where near the gales of yesterday. Once onto the line to Bishop I turned off at Willington and headed up towards Stanley Crook on the quiet back roads. Once up the tops it was getting rather dark. Then from no where there was massive rain drops then the heavens opened. Just my luck I was on the outskirts of a small village and no bus stops to shelter in but I was opposite a church so I made a quick dash into the covered porch area for 10mins until it blew over. As I set off the temperature went from 15 down to 9 degrees and it was freezing with the wind. Time to head back onto the lines and drop down to East Hedleyhope. On the descent I could feel the back tyre running soft but kept pushing on. By the time I got to Esh Winning is was getting too soft so blew it up. Then on the way to Ushaw Moor it was on the rim. Time for a tube change this time, 5 mins along the line and it felt soft again. Blew it back up but a few minutes late it was on the rim again. Time to patch the first tube and blow it back up again. I found the glass still in the tyre, ggrr.  At least the sun was back out and I did not have a head wind on the way back in. What a ride, time to get warmed back up, wash the bike, fix some tubes and give the Norco a once over.
Below are a few pics from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -


28 September 2016

Local gravel / tarmac ride on the Norco Adventure Search

Todays ride was a good mixture of off road and tarmac, probably about 50/50 I would say. As for the bike well what better bike to take than my Norco Search! it just loves to spin along on gravel lines / paths and then skip straight on to tarmac lanes. The weather is still holding out but its defo getting cooler and the strong winds are back again. I had my gillet on today and a thin long sleeved jersey and it was still 17 degrees but the near gale wind made to cool on the descents. As for the route well from Sherburn Village it was a short road section to the old line to Hetton Le Hole where I came out at the Country Park. From there is was tracks around and out the back before dropping back down to Hetton then it was back on the off road lanes again to bring me out 1/2 way up Mosley hill to drop on to the road again to Low Pittington. From there is was road to High Pittington, Little town, Sherburn Hill and drop back into Sherburn Village. I had a good ride with not many people out and about but the wind was a killer. Below are a few pics from the ride, enjoy and more soon -

27 September 2016

The Collectice Car Show - Croft Racing Circuit

Sunday we all went down to a car show at Croft Racing Circuit. Its the first time we have been to this event and tbh we will not be going back. Don't get me wrong it was ok but not enough to see and do for the entry fee.
One thing we did notice is the offroad track for the Rallycross is getting a new topping. Not long now for the Rallycoss at Croft. Below are a few pics from the day -