30 September 2015

A few local snaps when out n about

What a cracking week of weather so far and looking good all the way up to Saturday. Cold mornings with mist burning off to a beautiful sunshine, better now than during the summer.
Here are a few snaps from when I was driving up to Wearhead the other day. As you can see lovely on high ground but still very misty in the valley.
That is Wolsingham down in the mist

Also a few early morning snaps from Sunday a while ago when the Durham Beast was on

and also a link from Ian for some snaps from the Tour of Britain

27 September 2015

NETT Quad Bike Racing Rd8 @ Wooley Grange also carpet and fire time

What a fantastic day of weather for a change, Angus actually had a day off at the weekend, second one since he started work over three months ago but still had to go in for a staff meeting at 5pm tonight.
Back to the weather what a cracker, sunny from the word go, high temperature and hardly any wind - time for Wooley Grange to watch some quad bike racing. We have been going up there for many years and this has got to be a first for Wooley Grange - T shirt and suntan cream on, normally its full winter waterproof overalls, hats & gloves. The course was in good condition and not too much dust and some mud. There was also a motorcross side car cat race for this final event of the season.


Today we also emptied the living room completely then uplifted the existing carpet & underlay ready for the new carpet & underlay to be fitted tomorrow, not cheap but had to be done! hopefully replace the kitchen next year along with a few other jobs.

Then it was time for a fire