26 March 2013

Busy, cold & no miles but chainrings have turned up

Its unreal, i take a few weeks off work to get some work done around the house / garden and hasent got over 2 degrees yet since i finished work mid last week. Spent the last three days outside for 8-10hr shifts and it has been Boltic with wind / blizzards. I have had my favourite jump suit on and has worked very well, too hot sometimes. Bought it many years ago at a Vat Free night @ Machine Mart, Darlo. If you spend alot of time outdoors during the Winter months saying that Autumn & Spring now treat yourself to one. http://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/padded-overall-3 they now come in navy colour as well. Tenner off at the mo
I also can recommend Woof Wear Short boots as well, only had them a couple of years but never let me down. Very comfy and warm. Waterproof as long as you dont go through too deep water etc. http://www.woofwear.com/for-riders/footwear/short-boot-adult_10.html got them from http://www.millbryhill.co.uk/ @ Stokesley.
Anyway im back in doors on decorating more rooms. Thats this months wages gone at B&Q, Homebase & Travis Perkins.

My Middleburn chainrings turned up last Friday and just fitted the outer one. The existing inner one still looks ok so going to keep the new one for when it wears out. I couldnt be bother to strip the chainset off either to get it on ;-) the outer went on no probs and had to adjust the front mech a half turn. Its not as smooth on the change up from the granny as the six thirteen but will last more than a few hundred miles. Hopefully that will be the chain suck problem sorted. Just need to find the time to get out and get some miles in. Are we ever going to seen the sun again and lose this wind. If you you are planning any rides alon the lines dont bother going anywhere above Lanchester etc level as they are blocked with big snow drifts and are not rideable or by reports walkable either.
One last thing, this little story was sent into me and its a belter, happy reading http://kentsbike.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/justifying-one-more-bike.html

22 March 2013

Tyre & Air updates

The Floaters have been fitted with no problems. Its great fun using Fairy washing up liquid to crack the tyre beads ! They have only done one ride but can report back they clear well of mud and have plenty grip if you dont get too deep in the sticky stuff. They roll well compaired to the Nates. More feedback when we get more miles on them. They will be tested on some Lakeland wet slate soon.

Talking of tyres, well inner tube inflation really. I have decided to go up market & more modern and invested in a Co2 system. The real reason is you get a bloody sore arm using a mini pump on 4" tyre ! I have gone for Innovation Elite Air Chuck - very light & small, not much for your money but hopefully works perfect. I have also bought an Innovations Cartridge Cross to store upto 4no Co2 canisters ready for use. At the mo I have 16g, see how they go. When i replace them probably go upto 20g ones or have a mix of both. They have been fitted and ready for use. Finger crossed not too soon ;-}

That is the only fun i have had this week as my paint brushes have never stopped. Just as well as the weather has ben crap and not looking to get any better. Busy weekend of graft as well, just hope the snow keeps away. Still awaiting my Middleburn rings to land. They will be fitted as soon as they land so can get the big lass back on the trails.
Got a rather large item getting built up at the mo. More news on that if it lands next week.

Crud Up

I have mud shovels mud guards fitted to my fat bike, they work and work well at catching mud. The front dosent look too bad but the rear is just pig awful. Due to the fantastic weather of late it was time to get a set for the Mukluk. Angus said no way was he having the shovels so i had a spare set of normal 26" crud cathchers. One ride later they had to be removed. The rear was a complete waste of time and front was a little better. Time to try a bigger approach so an email to Westys and a day later a new set of Crud 29er guards landed. I just love how simple these things are. The photos show just how much bigger they are and looks like they cover the width of tyre & length much better. The rear bracket seems to be better than the older model and nipped up well. A few riders and we will give you feed bac on how they are working, well our clothes will tell us that lol

19 March 2013

Some you win and some you loose

Well apologies for the lack updates but been very busy with one thing or another. Weather has been crap to say the least. New wheels are fitted to the Beargrease and going well, well i say well. The first time out had two punctures within three miles of my front door. Then another two punctures six miles from home so wasnt a happy bunny that day and it was in blizzards and freezing cold. Got some good rides in on The FAT Bike and did 33 miles one day last week in slightly better weather.
The E thirteen Chainset has been giving me hassle again. Near the end of the ride at Hamsterley a couple of weeks ago i was getting chain suck but the chain was totally covered in wet thick mud so thought it was that. Checked the chain for wear and it was gone so fitted a new KMC X9 SL Silver chain and the chain suck was even worse so time to strip the rings off. Chirst the big ring must be made out of cheese, never had a ring wear so much in such a short period of time. Not a happy bunny so i ordered up a Middleburn 36t slickshift hardcoat, just waiting for it to land then the beargrease will be back out again. Im using the Middleburn Hardcoat rings on a few of my other bikes and there are no signs of wear after many years use. I will report back on the Middleburn ring & KMC chain. Its the first time i have tried KMC as i have always used Sedis (well sram own them now).

Onto some happier news Angus has finished building my old Mukluk and is out training on the beast. The original Nate tyres are beasts and heavy going in normal conditions so was on the look out for some cheaper more general condition tyres but not at normal fat tyre prices. BINGO someone at On One had listed their Floater 4" tyres at the wrong price so ordered a pair and they were here the next day.
The day after i get a code for 5% off if you spend over £50 - dont you just hate that but got a cracking deal on the tyres. Ideal tread pattern for general use and along the lines riding. Report to follow after a few rides on them.
The 45NRTH cap is just fantastic, its never been off my head for the last couple of weeks. One thing i have noticed that you can get quite a large amount of snow build up on the little peak at the front in blizzards!
Less miles for next couple of weeks as im off and working in the house decorating etc on the joys.

9 March 2013

Quiet week this week

Well got the email from Westys on Fri pm, wheels were ready for collection. Popped down today to pick them up and they are looking good - Hope Fatsno hubs front & rear (black). Surly Marge Lite Rims, Surly Marge Lite Rim Tapes (blue) & Hope rear skewer (black). Jason got the parts and Mark did a grand job of building them. That is the first set of builds on the new Hope Fastno hubs for Westys so im the test pilot !

Fitted the tyres,tubes, cassette and on they went. Just a sucker for the hope rear purr ! Alot lighter than the wheelset that came on the Mukluk 2, so thats another 1.3 lbs knocked off the old girl. Shame it was such a wet, cold & windy day. The drive down and back on the A19 was an experience with drivers belting past 80+mph with no lights on and standing water on the road / spray, was pleased to get back home.
That was the highlight of the week as i had a rest day Mon, did the night loop on Tues but legs were empty and crap weather / could not be bothered for the rest of week means miles are well down. Not looking good for tomorrow either with gale force winds, freezing cold and snow forecast. Good luck to the riders who are doing the Nutcracker @ Dalby, think you might need it after 24+hrs solid rain. You can enter on the day £26+ £4 parking (reduced from £7)
Report on the new wheelset after i get a few rides in on them.

3 March 2013

Three Days on the FAT

Yes just finished the third ride of three days on the FAT Bike.
Friday was a quick ride around Hamsterley Forest on the way home from the other side of Egglestone, it was dark by the time i got back so was a quick blast in the cold. Nearly 13miles & 1500+ft climbing so was good training
Saturday was a different story with a hard overnight frost it was time to strech the old legs. We did the 'Bishop Loop' as we call it. Cracking ride but the woods at Tudhoe and Croxdale were up the eyes. Nearly 34 miles later my legs were tired!
Sunday and back to overcast cloudy day - we had planned a fun day at Hamsterley Forest with some friends. Some great climbing and cracking singletrack. Some sections up there are really mashed up big style now. 20 miles & 2500ft climbing later I was ready for the cafe. Great fun and a real change from the back country lanes and lines of Co Durham.