22 March 2013

Tyre & Air updates

The Floaters have been fitted with no problems. Its great fun using Fairy washing up liquid to crack the tyre beads ! They have only done one ride but can report back they clear well of mud and have plenty grip if you dont get too deep in the sticky stuff. They roll well compaired to the Nates. More feedback when we get more miles on them. They will be tested on some Lakeland wet slate soon.

Talking of tyres, well inner tube inflation really. I have decided to go up market & more modern and invested in a Co2 system. The real reason is you get a bloody sore arm using a mini pump on 4" tyre ! I have gone for Innovation Elite Air Chuck - very light & small, not much for your money but hopefully works perfect. I have also bought an Innovations Cartridge Cross to store upto 4no Co2 canisters ready for use. At the mo I have 16g, see how they go. When i replace them probably go upto 20g ones or have a mix of both. They have been fitted and ready for use. Finger crossed not too soon ;-}

That is the only fun i have had this week as my paint brushes have never stopped. Just as well as the weather has ben crap and not looking to get any better. Busy weekend of graft as well, just hope the snow keeps away. Still awaiting my Middleburn rings to land. They will be fitted as soon as they land so can get the big lass back on the trails.
Got a rather large item getting built up at the mo. More news on that if it lands next week.

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