22 March 2013

Crud Up

I have mud shovels mud guards fitted to my fat bike, they work and work well at catching mud. The front dosent look too bad but the rear is just pig awful. Due to the fantastic weather of late it was time to get a set for the Mukluk. Angus said no way was he having the shovels so i had a spare set of normal 26" crud cathchers. One ride later they had to be removed. The rear was a complete waste of time and front was a little better. Time to try a bigger approach so an email to Westys and a day later a new set of Crud 29er guards landed. I just love how simple these things are. The photos show just how much bigger they are and looks like they cover the width of tyre & length much better. The rear bracket seems to be better than the older model and nipped up well. A few riders and we will give you feed bac on how they are working, well our clothes will tell us that lol

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