26 March 2013

Busy, cold & no miles but chainrings have turned up

Its unreal, i take a few weeks off work to get some work done around the house / garden and hasent got over 2 degrees yet since i finished work mid last week. Spent the last three days outside for 8-10hr shifts and it has been Boltic with wind / blizzards. I have had my favourite jump suit on and has worked very well, too hot sometimes. Bought it many years ago at a Vat Free night @ Machine Mart, Darlo. If you spend alot of time outdoors during the Winter months saying that Autumn & Spring now treat yourself to one. http://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/padded-overall-3 they now come in navy colour as well. Tenner off at the mo
I also can recommend Woof Wear Short boots as well, only had them a couple of years but never let me down. Very comfy and warm. Waterproof as long as you dont go through too deep water etc. http://www.woofwear.com/for-riders/footwear/short-boot-adult_10.html got them from http://www.millbryhill.co.uk/ @ Stokesley.
Anyway im back in doors on decorating more rooms. Thats this months wages gone at B&Q, Homebase & Travis Perkins.

My Middleburn chainrings turned up last Friday and just fitted the outer one. The existing inner one still looks ok so going to keep the new one for when it wears out. I couldnt be bother to strip the chainset off either to get it on ;-) the outer went on no probs and had to adjust the front mech a half turn. Its not as smooth on the change up from the granny as the six thirteen but will last more than a few hundred miles. Hopefully that will be the chain suck problem sorted. Just need to find the time to get out and get some miles in. Are we ever going to seen the sun again and lose this wind. If you you are planning any rides alon the lines dont bother going anywhere above Lanchester etc level as they are blocked with big snow drifts and are not rideable or by reports walkable either.
One last thing, this little story was sent into me and its a belter, happy reading http://kentsbike.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/justifying-one-more-bike.html

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