3 March 2013

Three Days on the FAT

Yes just finished the third ride of three days on the FAT Bike.
Friday was a quick ride around Hamsterley Forest on the way home from the other side of Egglestone, it was dark by the time i got back so was a quick blast in the cold. Nearly 13miles & 1500+ft climbing so was good training
Saturday was a different story with a hard overnight frost it was time to strech the old legs. We did the 'Bishop Loop' as we call it. Cracking ride but the woods at Tudhoe and Croxdale were up the eyes. Nearly 34 miles later my legs were tired!
Sunday and back to overcast cloudy day - we had planned a fun day at Hamsterley Forest with some friends. Some great climbing and cracking singletrack. Some sections up there are really mashed up big style now. 20 miles & 2500ft climbing later I was ready for the cafe. Great fun and a real change from the back country lanes and lines of Co Durham.

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