19 March 2013

Some you win and some you loose

Well apologies for the lack updates but been very busy with one thing or another. Weather has been crap to say the least. New wheels are fitted to the Beargrease and going well, well i say well. The first time out had two punctures within three miles of my front door. Then another two punctures six miles from home so wasnt a happy bunny that day and it was in blizzards and freezing cold. Got some good rides in on The FAT Bike and did 33 miles one day last week in slightly better weather.
The E thirteen Chainset has been giving me hassle again. Near the end of the ride at Hamsterley a couple of weeks ago i was getting chain suck but the chain was totally covered in wet thick mud so thought it was that. Checked the chain for wear and it was gone so fitted a new KMC X9 SL Silver chain and the chain suck was even worse so time to strip the rings off. Chirst the big ring must be made out of cheese, never had a ring wear so much in such a short period of time. Not a happy bunny so i ordered up a Middleburn 36t slickshift hardcoat, just waiting for it to land then the beargrease will be back out again. Im using the Middleburn Hardcoat rings on a few of my other bikes and there are no signs of wear after many years use. I will report back on the Middleburn ring & KMC chain. Its the first time i have tried KMC as i have always used Sedis (well sram own them now).

Onto some happier news Angus has finished building my old Mukluk and is out training on the beast. The original Nate tyres are beasts and heavy going in normal conditions so was on the look out for some cheaper more general condition tyres but not at normal fat tyre prices. BINGO someone at On One had listed their Floater 4" tyres at the wrong price so ordered a pair and they were here the next day.
The day after i get a code for 5% off if you spend over £50 - dont you just hate that but got a cracking deal on the tyres. Ideal tread pattern for general use and along the lines riding. Report to follow after a few rides on them.
The 45NRTH cap is just fantastic, its never been off my head for the last couple of weeks. One thing i have noticed that you can get quite a large amount of snow build up on the little peak at the front in blizzards!
Less miles for next couple of weeks as im off and working in the house decorating etc on the joys.

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