26 December 2017

Boxing Day Ride

Up and out early this morning just as the sun was rising, there was an early morning frost and the temperature on the Garmin dropped to minus -1.7 degrees between Langley Park and Lanchester. The lines were wet and had big puddles in places. I also had  head wind all the way from joining on the old railway line at Bearpark to Hownsgill viaduct. Once I reached Consett the temperature increased, the sun went and it started to rain so time to turn and burn on the viaduct after a few snaps. Once back down to Delves Lane the rain had stopped and the sun had come back out again. I was flying back down the line with the tail wind. No cafes open today and the lines were very busy with walkers, dog walkers, horse rides and runners. I only seen a few other cyclists. Once back at Bearpark the temperature was + 1.7 degrees!

Time to wash two bikes and Angus's first car, hoover all the leaves out of the garden / drive and have a tidy up.

25 December 2017

Christmas Eve Hike

Time to stretch the legs again so me and Jane went for a hike over to Pity Me Tea Barn. Three miles later we crossed the door and had a cuppa and cake. We took a slightly shorter route on the way back so covered just under 6 miles in total. It was windy, dry and warm. Most of the tracks were dry apart from the ones around the perimeter of the farmers fields and crossing the fields. We only seen another couple of people the whole time we were out but the tea barn was packed and took them 25 minutes to serve us! Anyway Merry Christmas to all the readers and hope the big day goes well. Below are a few snaps, enjoy and hopefully more soon -

23 December 2017

No CX Saturday ride to Bishop n back

This is the first Saturday without a cx event for a month so a ride out was well overdue to say the least. It was a dry, sunny and a warm morning so me and Jane joined onto the Brandon to Bishop old railway line for a spin. The tracks are dry so that meant no mud but we did have a headwind all the way there. It was lovely and quite so did not have to slow down too many times. Once at Bishop we called in past the pie shop next to Inspiral cycles then went for a cuppa & buttie special at the cafĂ©. Once fuelled up it was steady spin back through the market place, over the viaduct and back onto the old line towards Brandon. The line was even quieter on the way back. I think every one must have been out last minute Christmas / turkey shopping lol. Below are a few snaps and hopefully more soon -

22 December 2017

NECCL RD9 & General Update

Last Saturday was the last round of the NECCL 2017 CX series. The ground conditions were challenging for the riders and the organisers who tried to miss the sheet ice as much as possible. There was loads of U12 kids as the Tyneside Vagabonds were holding there club champs. Onto the main race and riders were still fighting for points / positions in their relevant leagues. We done to all the riders who finished the race and also finished the season league. The AGM followed with a good turn out and fantastic to see new organisers / venues coming forward for the 2018 season.
Well done to all involved.

Also apologies for the lack of updates but I have not been out on the bike as I am still not feeling well and been busy with vehicle problems -
My Peugeot Partner van 12000 miles and less than 2 years old conked out - Fuel filter failed due to petrol companies trying to save too many pennies and not putting enough winter additive in their diesel. Long storey cut short Peugeot would not pay for the repair or contribute to the lab or part.
Prices varied from £125, £105 and £85 for the same job from dealers. Part only just under £50. Aftermarket filter around £21 and a Peugeot filter from Ebay just over £20. So I bought one off ebay and fitted it myself as the part is not covered under warranty! took 10-15mins from start to finish and the van is back on the road.
Angus's second car was due for an mot this week and passed.
I serviced my mums Matiz car and rear brakes were sticking. Two new pistons required and full clean down /overhaul of rear drums.
Then onto my sisters Agila - same again two new pistons, one was seized solid. Next up is there two Mot's, oh happy days.

And some reading material landed this week for over Crimbo / New Year.
Talking of that Fresh Goods Sunday is having a festive break and will return back after the New Year.