31 May 2015

Bowman Pilgrims & Scott Foil Bike Builds inc catch up

Friday was car mot, Angus check up at the hospital about his club foot, food shopping etc. Friday my Pilgrims frameset also landed so got a start on the build as well.
Richy also dropped off his new Scott Foil frameset and box of new parts for a build.
Saturday was fantastic weather so cracked on with the Foil build, all was going well but feeding the cables through the internal tubes when there is no internal guides is a pain in the arse. Just waiting for a Sram GXP Pressfit bb from Westys on Tuesday and I can get the chainset on and gears setup and she will be ready to roll. The Sram Force 11 speed groupset is lovely looking and he got a it a bargain price!
As of the Pilgrims I have the battery / wheels / headset / forks / bars / stem / saddle / seat post / mechs / shifters / brakes fitted so measured up the six di2 cable lengths I needed and ordered so they should be here by mid week. I will then wire all the di2 up so I can fit the bb/chainset as the Pilgrims is internal cabling as well. I have to fill and bleed the brakes yet and also waiting for a rotor to land.
The van also got its yearly Autoglym wax polish and the bushes in the gardens got a good hacking back as well.
Today was the NETT quads / National motorcross side car champs at Wooley Grange. Its a cold / windy place to start with, its was 9 degrees in the shelter and you could see your own breath for most of the morning. The race action was fantastic to watch inc loads of crashes. Blog to follow with some photos. More soon -

tried some kenda 5 block just as a matter of interest

tight clearance on the chainstay bridge and fork crown

then swapped to 25c Conti 4 season, not sure what tyre to go with at the mo

Brake hoses fitted, foil waiting for bb in the back ground

Fresh Goods Sunday - Salsa Beargrease T Shirt

When I seen this on Charlie the bike monger website I thought I might treat myself for the summer. After coughing up £23, yes shock horror - I have never paid that for a t shirt in my life but!
A few days later it arrived in the post along with a free Charlie sticker. Once opening the bag the T shirt is mega thin and thought what the hell but after wearing it the material is very comfortable on the skin even though you can see through it when you hold it up to the light. The design I think looks cool on the front and the Salsa logo is on the sleeve. It will not keep you warm but keeps you cool in hotter weather. Charlie also has a pink version for the ladies.
I will have to keep it for best and not get it covered in grease etc like nearly all my other t shirts!

29 May 2015

Tour Series - Durham City Centre

The Tour Series hit the streets of Durham City Centre on Thursday night for some cobble , steep descent action. It was a cold, showery & windy night for the riders but the crowd kept most of them going. As normal there was loads of riders dropping out with mechanicals, crashes and just not fit enough for the course. Below are some blurred photos, sorry but someone has changed the setting on the camera and cannot work out how to change it back again.