8 March 2017

Lovely Spring sunny but very windy local gravel / mudddy ride

It looked like a fantastic day from inside looking out of the window but once out in the fresh air the wind was blowing like a good'un. It was a local loop route taking in a few old railway lines and a quite linking road section. I did not notice this morning but it must have been pouring down all night last night as the lines were very wet / muddy with some massive puddles. I had a headwind all the way out but once I turned at the highest point it was a tailwind nearly all the way back. The bike got a better run in today with more use of the full range of gears and its still working perfectly.
Below are a few snaps from the ride and hopefully more soon, enjoy the forecasted sun again tomorrow here in Co Durham (hopefully the wind will die down) -

by the time I finished it was reading 14.4 degrees !

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