5 March 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - Ritchey Comp XC Mountain Spd Pedals

I have used Ritchey spd mountain bike pedals for nearly 30 years now and have used many different models / versions over the years. Some have lasted longer than others. This is the new version to replace the V4 and Ritchey have also stopped making the Pro Paradigm models as well. The weight and price are very similar to the older V4 which last forever as you can squeeze fresh grease through the screw end cap every 6 months or so. On this newer model the end cap is just a plastic bung not a metal screw cap. I must also add the bearings were not super smooth feeling straight from the box either. In use you cannot feel bearings so all is well. Clicking in and out is similar to previous Ritchey pedals but once clicked in they do have a more solid feel on the cleat compared to all of my Pro P pedals. There is still the 4 degrees float in both directions which is just what I like
They come in loads of colours which are painted, not anodised so yes they are going to and have already chipped and wear the colour off very easily. You also get a small bag with a pair of cleats and the four fixings bolts. I tend to find the Ritchey cleats last  a fair old time as long as you don't do a lot of walking in your shoes on tarmac / rocks etc.
Claimed weight is 331g, mine come in at 339g so bang on really.
RRP £63 and I paid £55. Here is a link to Paligap who are the UK importers of Ritchey products

Manufacturers blurb - Comp version of Ritchey's world-beating Paradigm pedal has been redesigned from the ground up. New engagement system provides best-in-class entry and release and excellent mud-shedding characteristics. Revamped axle system for even greater bearing life and a wider body improves stability.
  • Body: Cast alloy
  • Axle Material: CroMo
  • Inner Bearing: Ball bearing
  • Outer Bearing: Ball bearing
  • Float: 4 degrees
  • Finish: Multiple colors
  • Weight: 331g



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