4 March 2017

Sunderland National Glass Centre / Roker & Winter wheel swaping

Thursday afternoon - after washing, drying and lubing up the Litespeed I got the Bowman Pilgririms ready for a road ride on Friday morning.
Friday - no overnight frost, less wind and was warm but I decided to put some new winter wheels on the car as the forecast was looking dreadful for Saturday and wanted to go out on the bike on Sunday instead.
I got the spare set of steel rims / wheel trims and nut covers from a local breakers for £100. Then I got a set of 4no winter tyres from ebay which were just like new £70 + £30 delivery and got a set of four wheels bags chucked in for free.  I then swapped them over and now have an old set of Vauxhall alloy wheels with Snowtrac tyres on spare which will go on ebay at some point.
Then Jane came home and I whisked her off to the Metro for some shopping. Its been a long time since I have been around the metro (not that I even covered 50%) and I have not missed out on much! never seen so many empty units.
As for today we all had a drive over to the coast and parked up at the Glass Centre and went for a walk first around the marina, Roker beach, Roker front, had a cuppa in the corner café and walked back to the centre where we had a look around and watched a bloke knock a couple of glass vases out. I have seen glass blowing before many years ago and find it very interesting, looks like a very skilled art which will probably take many years to master. Called in past Silksworth ski slope and Morriosns on the way home.
Just getting the bikes and kit ready for a ride tomorrow morning, might head North for a change.
PS I have some news on my Cannondale Slate - more on that in tomorrows blog.

New ones waiting to go on the car

Old ones that come off the car

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