7 March 2017

First ride on repaired Cannondale Slate Apex to Bishop n back

This is the first ride I have had on the Cannondale Slate Apex (now part Rival!) since its return and the gears are working a lot better now and quicker than when the bike was new. It now has a Rival back mech & chain. Westys have also fitted new bb30 bearings, new Sram pit stop inner / outer cable, adjusted the rear skewer, cleaned and serviced the rear hub, tightened a spoke and trued the rear wheel. After all of that work the bike also feels like its running smoother! It was just a quick steady spin along the old railway line to Bishop & back so not really a full on test of the gears etc, but fingers crossed, touching wood the bike behaves itself from now on.
As you can see in the photos below the Spring sun was shinning away most of the time, there was very little wind and the lines were not too muddy either. There was a few dog walkers, runners and other cyclists out and about enjoying the sun. Enjoy the photos and hopefully more soon.


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