19 July 2013

What a Bloody Heat

Well we complain about the cold and snowy winters of late, now we are complaining about the hot summer. Not a drop of rain in Durham now for well over two weeks and the grass is burnt yellow and tinder dry. The old railway lines are a dust bowl and the climbs are a killer in the midday sun. Thursday my Garmin hit 32 degress on the top of a climb with the sweat pouring from under my helmet and many other places.
Monday - was a rest day after Nutcracker and League2000 on the evening. Great nights racing and some very close battles. We even got back in the house at 9.30pm compaired to after 10.15pm the previous round.
Tuesday - was my gentle ride to Bishop & back along the lines 17 miles
Wednesday - loop upto Stanley Crook 15miles
Thursday - was the killer heat and not much time so a quick loop up to and around old Esh 14 miles
Friday - much cooler with a breeze so i did my SE Loop around Croxdale, Bowburn, Shincliffe etc 17 miles. Alot of wooded sections so was much more pleasant a ride
All on my Beargrease. This week i swapped the 45Nrth tyres around - front to back etc as the rear is starting to show signs of wear. Greased up the bottom bracket as well, i will be surprised if i get the winter out of the bearings. Come on Sram get your 100mm fat chainsets in the uk. Oiled up the chain with some Finishline dry lube, normally use xc green lube but its that dry the red lube works perfect.
Good new news my mum is out of hospital and back home and feeling much better so might make it upto the Autumn Series to watch.

Check out the Roller Comp times from Stockton Cycling Festival. 11th on the day - not bad time considering it was the first time and i have even used rollers or done that type of competition before. Very close times - if its back next year im going to give it another bash.

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