15 July 2013

Nutcracker Rd5 Aske Estate - Mad dogs & English men

Christ what a bloody heat, us British are just not used to this as we havent had a summer for a couple of years. It was boiling hot and the 2nd steep climb in the sun was just a killer, the only shade was in the woods but you could not relax as a tree stump or rock would have you straight over the bars. The course was the same as last time but with two new sections in inc the return of the steep drop offs in the woods. For me my legs were not in it on the practice lap so knew it was going to be a killer. My weight and not liking heat just finished me off at the end of the second lap. I just had enough strength to pop a small wheelie over the line as i do but that was it. Over the bars three times during the race didnt help and just as well that i forgot my Garmin as the Heart Rate monitor would have blown up! Angus did ok but got some bush wrapped in his rear mech and lost four places but managed to claw a few back and lost a place on the finishing line by three seconds. Full results are here and some photos here
The Sweat monsters was fantastic as we were in the last section of woods and was cooler. Great competion in all three age cat's U8, U10 & U12. First up was a one lap time trial - as quick as they could go, then onto the main race. In the U8's there was some serious battles going on and the parent's were getting more excited than the kids. Arran led from the start in the U10 to take the win with the rest of the riders very close until the last lap. U12's had a clear winner but again the rest of the field were very close and having some great fun. Results are below

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