24 July 2013

More 2014 Carbon Beargrease Pics + Sala 2014 Fat range, no flooding either

Got a message today from my local bike shop that they have been speaking to the lads from Ison and both complete bikes are due into the uk hopefully end of Sept / Oct. Provisional prices for XX1 £4200 and the lower spec Sram X9 model £2800. The frameset inc hubs option is looking like its going to come in later. Below are some more pics from ukfatbikes of the 2014 Salsa Fat Range
This is the £2800ish model. Probably going to be the best seller / value for money.

See the underside of the down tube colour scheme.

This is the daddy, check out the underside of the down tube. Green hubs as well !

Mukluk 2, similar colour to last years 3

Mukluk 3 in red

Mukluk 3 in black

Ti Mukluk - check out the paint job on the front end, dont know if im keen on Ti frames sprayed but it stands out
Back to the weather, four days of local flooding was forecast at the start of week but only had two light rain showers, back to too bloody hot again. Been out again this afternnon for a ride and was nearly 30degrees by the time we got back in and the trails are still powder dry & overgrown. Not the best time of year to go looking for new singletrack with shorts on.  

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