4 July 2013

Getting ready for MBE Series and bling update

Yes its that time of year where we send a good few hours going through the tubs etc and check / clean & replace all the missing items from last years races. Here is Angus sorting the numbers ready for the season starting. Paperwork is done and venues booked. Just sorting out the paperwork for on the day & after now. Then its onto course prepration and planning @ Hetton Lyons.

I gave you a sneak preview of one of last weeks boxes but here it its in more detail. I have not wore a watch for many years and never owned an expensive big boys bling watch. Well it is the Tour De France 100th Anniversary so to celebrate I bought a Limited Edition watch. I have swapped the strap from the metal version to the plastic version, set it up and is running like a dream. The only down side is the shear weight of the thing, it might be normal for this type of watch but when I first started using it if felt heavy. After a couple of days im used to it now and dont really notice it. Comes in a lovely presentation box within another box. Also the tool for removing/fitting the straps, warranty & instruction booklets are all inc. I recieved excellent service from David Cooke - creative watch and arrived before 1pm the following day of ordering.  

Back to more bike related items, I have always used certain models of MET helemets in the past as they fit my odd shaped head perfect. Its been alot of years since I used an mtb version and just used my Met Stradivarius for all types of riding. With me using my FAT bike the most since building it and there was a great offer on the Kaos Ultimate model it was time to get a mtb version again. Next day it landed, took it out of the box and set up the straps, adjusted the dial and it was ready to go. It has the same gel pads as my road version and is very comfy. Been using it over the last couple of months in many types of weather conditions and havent had any problems. The straps need some fine adjustment now as everything has settled in.

Also a new rear mech has landed for the BEARGREASE. I will fit it hopefully this week and feedback on its performance after a some miles using it. I have used XTR rear mechs on many bikes that have come with them as standard but never one with carbon plates. Looks very bling and if it works like the older ones then I will be happy. I keeping with good old 9 speed for the mo. Might upgrade to 10 at some point but not in any great rush. Angus has Sram 10 speed on his Mukluk and it has a very fast crisp shift and is very smooth in operation. The way to go could be Sram XX1 - time to rob a bank lol  

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