23 July 2013

Yet more 2014 FAT BIKES

No Salsa Beargrease Alu  this year but two full carbon version models & frame / forks inc hubs set. The top end XX1 will be around £4800, lower spec Sram model around £2800 and frameset around £1600. Full details will be released late Summer. Nice looking machine ;-)

Next up is Specialized - three models but not sure if all three are going to be imported into the UK. No prices etc at the mo but the top end model has been sent to the press for testing. Running 5" tyres and weights 30.4lbs. Here is a report and another one here

Then there is Trek Farley, they are taking out one model priced at £1700, again with Surly tyres, rims & hubs. Nice looking machine but not sure the spec is worth the full price tag.

Last but not least On One are doing a Baby Fatty, 24" wheels / 12" frame. Complete bike around £800 and frameset inc wheels £500. Kids are just going to love this.

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