28 July 2013

Motorsport Weekend

Today was the 19th Bikewise and we have been to nearly everyone. Its a great event for all to come and see / do things. With very heavy overnight rain and still raining when they started at 10am we didnt think the 4x4 offroad experience would not be running but it was. Both lads set off in the Landrover and didnt return for sometime! they got stuck in a gulley at the bottom of the venue. What a laugh and they were covered in mud. Dave Coates was the show stopper yet again and the way he handles the bikes is just unreal. Here is video clip of him
The Police helicoper was there, armed response unit, speed camera van !, Police motorbikes inc there offroad ones, 3 sixty stunt team, dog section demonstration etc. Here are some pics of todays action here

Saturday was Rd6 of the NETT Quad Bike Championship up @ Wooley Grange. I knew it was going to be dusty but you could not see a thing. The dust was unreal even when the course had been watered down. You could not see or breath when they were belting around the circuit. We watched all the age cat races and there was even a motorcross race mixed in as well. Great afternoons free entertainment but we were up the eyes when we came away. More info on there website . Didnt get any pics as you would not have seen anything in them apart from dust clouds.

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