27 July 2013

Salsa Beargrease Alu v Carbon version

With more spec coming through now on the new 2014 carbon version and looking back at when i built my alu version i am surprised at what little difference there is in weight between the two. My current set up is 2 x 9 speed on a Large frame and standard alu forks. I have looked at upgrading the forks to Carver but there is very little weight difference buy the time I add in the Carver spacer kit, Hope disc brake mount adaptor and larger rotor for my current brakes. Below are the figures -

2013 alu  frame 1410g Large
2014 carbon frame 1275g (salsa's claimed weight, no size stated so can assume they used a small)

2013 alu forks 728g uncut
2014 carbon forks 700g (salsa's claimed weight)

2013 Alu Large just under 26lbs (my own build)
2014 Carbon X9 Medium 29.18lbs (actual weight)
2014 Carbon XX1 Medium 26.18lbs (actual weight)

But the frame and forks have been redesigned with new race geometry and updated ready for suspension! Alternator dropouts. The hubs are specific for the frame that is why the frameset option inc the hubs. This dosent appeal to me as you cannot use other wheels / hope hubs unless HOPE come out with a conversion kit. Might as well wear my current groupset out and save up and updated it with 1 x 11 speed.
More test reports here and the best one yet is on bikerumor

Well its time to go and get a few more miles in before going to watch some Quad bike racing at Wooley Grange. Now that is going to be a dust bowl up there.

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