10 July 2013

Stockton Cycling Festival & more

Firstly apologies for not many updates since last week but my mum ended up in Intensive Care on Sat and is still there. Stable and getting slightly better but no where near on her feet again.
It was the Stockton Cycling Festival last weekend. We went down the Sunday and what a cracking day with blisstering heat and sun. The lads did their road races which was a shock to their systems as its there first road race of the year! They both did ok considering it was there first road one. What we like is all the other displays / try out areas etc. The stunt show lads were fantastic, me and Angus did the Rollapaluza Roller Racing Challenge 500m flat out, first time i have done it, bloody hard work but got 24.94seconds for my first go! think that is ok ish? We would have liked to stop all day but had to get back to Durham for visiting time. We did see the Sky ride set of and the big hitters. Massive field for the main race and we seen them on the open roads on the way home. It was like a mini TDF - 111miles in just over 4hrs for the winner- unreal. Here are some photos from the day.

XTR Rear Mech has been fitted and tested. Very smooth and lighter action than my old mech. Its also lighter than the old mech as well. If its lasts as long as any of my other Shimano mechs it will be on a few bikes.

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