3 February 2017

Ride in the sun & Weekly catch up

Today was the best day of the week by far so time to dig out the Norco Search for some gravel / road riding. It was a local loop with a couple of railway line sections and country tarmac lanes. All in 20miles of some beautiful riding. The lines have just started to dry up again but not for long as forecast is not looking good for tonight / early tomorrow morning. There was loads of horse riders out and a few dog walkers and only two other cyclists. There was plenty of shelter in the wooded sections of the lines out of the strong breeze as well.
The Rival 1 long cage rear mech came into stock yesterday at Westy's so hopefully the Slate Apex will be ready to hit trails again soon.

Monday was a 4.6mile run along the old railway line to Hetton & back. Tuesday was a Spa day at Seaham Hall which was very good. Wednesday was a 5.6mile walk (see photos below). Thursday was another walk for nearly 2hrs.

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