18 February 2017

Saturday morning local road ride - villages loop

Last couple of days I have been busy with jobs on the new car, sorting some new second hand rims for some new winter tyres etc. Also done a few jobs on a couple of bikes, more on that below todays photos.
As for today I was up and out after daylight come through which is getting earlier now but still had my front & rear led's on just in case. It should have been 7-8 degrees but my Garmin was reading 3.7 degrees at one point. As for the ride well it was cloudy, overcast and quite windy which made some sections hard going. My legs were tired on the climbs and ok spinning along on the flats, not that there was many of them! I took the Norco Search out and again no prob's with this bike inc the Di2 gears. After I have washed, dried and lube the bike I will charge up the Di2 battery. The roads have started to dry up a little but still a lot of running water coming off the fields in some places, plenty of mud, pot holes and salt.
All in did 31 miles and ave 14.4mph, not too bad considering the wind and tired legs. Below are a few snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon.

I did a few jobs on some of the bike fleet - Slate, fitted some new Ritchey spd pedals and a new Mavic rear tyre on the Nano black so its ready for the Spring.

More on these soon in Fresh Goods Sundays.

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