19 February 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - Park Tool IR-1.2 Internal Cable Routing Kit

A few months ago you may have remembered that I bought this kit but it was the IR-1 and did not have a di2 cable in and the new IR1-2 was due in early Jan. Well I got a message from Westys saying my replacement was in a while back but only just picked the kit up a week or so ago. I have not had a chance to use the cables yet but the instructions are a lot better this time and there is a cable for nearly all combinations of gear, brake, elec etc. The cables etc look very good quality but the plastic box and catches are very cheap / poor quality and will not last long.
RRP £59.99, mine was a straight swap from the IR-1. There is not many shops advertising the new kit yet in the UK but the UK importer Maidson has them in stock (or at least they did when I got mine!)
Manufactures blurb - Take the guesswork out of installing cables, wires and housing inside the frame. The IR-1.2 speeds the internal frame routing of electric wires, shift cable / housing, brake cable / housing and hydraulic tubing on carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum frames. Kit includes four plastic coated 250cm cables with attached magnets and unique fittings plus an external guide magnet to speed operation. Newly updated to include a dedicated E-tube Di2 cable connector that easily pulls through a 6mm frame hole. Opposite polarity magnets on cables seek and attach inside frame tubes, making it easy to route through frame entrances and exits. Works with any size frame including tandems. A true time and frustration saver!

The Di2 end for pulling through e cables.


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