27 February 2017

Early Monday morning ride on the Salsa Beargrease.

The forecast is looking not too bad so decided to take a few more holidays to get caught up with some jobs and some riding! I was up and out just after 7am and its was nippy but the wind has finally died down. I dusted off the Salsa carbon Beagrease, put some more pressure in the back tyre and she was ready for a spin down to Durham, around the river banks, then up and down the trod followed by a loop around Maiden Castle then home via dog kennel loop. It was lovely and quiet down in Durham with only a few students milling around and some dog walkers. The sun was trying to poke through the clouds but failed. It was dry and the trails were not too muddy / puddles.
Time to wash and dry the bike off and get on with a few jobs in the man cave before getting out the paint brushes.
Below are a few snaps from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -

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