21 February 2017

In Memory of Andy 'Oli' Oliver

Just a quick look through 2015 seasons photos and found a few of Oli when he organised a round at Hardwick Park, Sedgefield for NECCL. It was a beautiful winters day with the sun shinning but a very cold strong wind from memory.

I will have loads of other photos from old NECCL events and MBE Summer events. He always come up with some goodies for prizes and going back many years when Trevor Sharp organised rounds at Witton Castle with Brian he was kind enough to hand over some goodies for the presentations and for Ians / VC167 rounds at Mowden, Darlington before we even used the school. I am sure he was working for Bikesport  at the time in Darlo.
Sadly he could not organise last years event 2016 at Sedgefield but still sent over some Altura tops for spot prizes ta the presentation.

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