25 February 2017

Week in a wet & windy Lakes

Well its Feb school hol week so time for a short break away. We headed over to the Lakes on Monday and came back yesterday afternoon. Last year we were spoilt for weather on all of our holiday breaks, well it could not last and we were back to normal this year - very wet, very windy, cold but its a break away from the routine. We stopped in Penrith and had a tour out each day. Monday going over we left in daylight and it was dry, crossing over the moor on the A66 it was pitch black and lashing rain. We had a look around Reghed then around to G & S Timber for a new chisel roll for me and Angus got a new tool pouch. After a cuppa in the Alpca Centre we headed back over to Penrith town centre for some shopping. Got a lovely pair on new Musto goretex walking boots in the sale £200 down to £80 from John Norris and a new Ogio cycling kit bag from Arragons Cycles in the sale £45 down to £30.
Tuesday we headed over to Keswick and checked the mountain forecast as we wanted to climb Skiddaw but it was awful. When we got there the sun was shinning and the tops were just about clear but left most of our kit at base so me and Angus headed off up towards Latrigg with what we had on and the sun was still shinning but getting more cloudy/windy and cold looking on the tops. I decided to head for Little Man with Angus in toe. By the time we got past the really steep sections and up to the open moor section where the gate was Little Man was on our left but by now the mist and cloud had rolled in and could not see more than 50ft in front of our selves, time to head back down as I had no maps or gps with us. By the time we walked back into town it started raining and that was it for the rest of the day.
Wednesday was the only forecasted dry day so headed south down the M6 to South Lakes Zoo. We have been a couple of times before and is normally a good day out. The new entrance / car park etc is open now and only had a short wait before getting in. We were not impressed with the new layout, animals looked bored, loads of enclosures empty, place looked dirty and run down. We will not be rushing back there again unless it picks up. When we come out there was a queue over a thousand people waiting to get in and at least a two hour wait. It was overcast, cloudy and windy the whole day.
Thursday was storm Doris but it was not that bad, we headed over Kirkstone pass and down the struggle to Ambleside for a walk around, yes it was raining but no gale force winds or snow yet! I swapped some walking shoes that I have been having problems with the sole on and Arran got a pair of Bog trotter wellies. After that we had a drive down to Ings to have a look around the new Biketreks shop, good there is some nice Open & Mason cycles in there. I bought a Pro storage bottle. Then down the road to Wheelbase for a look in there and around the yard area. On the way back over the pass the rain had turned to driving snow.
Friday was meat stock up run from Crantsons food hall, breakfast then Angus had an appointment at the bank whilst we had a walk around the town. I bought a new pair of work shoes - Barkers brogues £220 down to £110 - well and truly skint now! then it was time to head home over the tops, there was still snow at Hartside cafĂ© and on top of the hill between Killhope & Nenthead. Believe it or not we had the best weather with glorious sunshine all the way home, bloody typical.

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