29 January 2017

Fresh Goods Sunday - Mavic Yksion Elite Allroad tyre

I first seen these tyres when Mavic launched their new Allroad disc wheelset a couple of year ago and liked the look of them. After rebuilding the Cannondale Super X back up I was looking for some all round tyres that were wider than my Gravel Kings as the frame / forks have plenty of clearance. Westys were selling of what stock of Mavic tyres they had left so bought the last one for £25. After a couple months of use I decided to buy another one and got it from Wiggles inc p&p for just over £24, not bad price for a Mavic tyre. They fitted on Mavic and Reynolds wheels with no probs and were not too tight or too loose. They aired up and seated on the rims with no probs. The directional arrows are the opposite which I would normally mount the tread pattern so trying them out what Mavic recommend.  The weight is bang on manufacturers claimed weight. They roll well on road and on gravel / old railway lines. Plenty of grip but not tired them in anything too wet or muddy yet. They come up narrower than the 30c but all Mavic road tyres tend to do compared to Michys etc. They fell super tacky so not sure how long they will last. The rrp is an eye watering £49 each, there is no way on earth they are worth that.
Manufacturers blurb -
Mavic Yksion Elite Allroad Tyre
Allroad and adventure bikes now have a tyre that is ready to facilitate your new exploits in the form of the Mavic Yksion Elite Allroad Tyre.
You get the slick centre to give you easy and fast rolling when you are on the roads or smoother surfaces, then as the surface deteriorates the progressive side grooves provide excellent traction and grip to ensure you can stay upright and enjoying yourself.
Mavic have also helped you keep rolling with their cut and puncture protection. Additionally, the bead to bead nylon casing reinforcement protects rolling tread and sides for further safety. Should you need even more protection, these tyres are tubeless ready if you are wanting to avoid pinch flats. Added to this, they are fully compatible with Mavic Tyre Sealant with just 40 grams of sealant required to prevent punctures.

Slick centre for fast rolling on tarmac sections
Progressive side grooves to improve traction and grip in the dirt/gravel sections
Comfortable and low weight
Tubeless ready construction removes the need for a tube
Bead-to-bead nylon casing reinforcement protects rolling tread and sides
Full compatibility with Mavic Tyre Sealant
Size: 700x30c
Weight: 330g
Max Pressure: 6.5BAR/95PSI
Breaker: Nylon (bead-to-bead)
Casing: 120TPI
Compound: Single
Technology used: Guard; UST Tubeless Ready

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