29 January 2017

Weekly Catch Up & Cannondale Slate Apex out of action again

What a week of proper depressing weather yet again. The only nice day with some winter sun was Wednesday and I was in Upper Weardale for most of it including one of my furthest away sites - Killhope Lead Mining Museum. The views were fantastic and really enjoyed the drive out. Thursday& Friday the maximum temperature with out the wind chill factor was 0 degrees. So no biking but swam 74 lengths on Monday, 5k run Tuesday, washed and sorted two bikes on Wednesday. The Slate Apex has died yet again. The rear mech will not shift down off the 42t cog. Westys have ordered a Rival 1 long cage rear mech this time and hopefully get it back on the road next week. This will be mech no3! Thursday was a walk for nearly 2 hours and Friday I was shattered by the time I got back in. Saturday we had a walk around Durham in the pouring rain, freezing cold and dark, Durham was dead. I then washed the car & van in the freezing cold then went out another walk later on. Today I did a 6.4mile run then went to look for a newer car. God I just hate these modern big dealerships, 1hr 20mins to get two prices, one with no trade in and one with a trade in, even then she could not write down the figures. Bring back the good old days when they gave you a price in less than 5 mins. Now here's a thing a never knew, you cannot buy a car from Evans Halshaw unless you have an email address and give it to them! Absolute loony tunes.
I also had a couple of deliveries recently of some rather good quality Sidi shoes. Not got the cleats on themn yet but keeping them for when I warms up and less crap out on the trails / roads.

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