8 May 2013

The Pugsley & Krampus of Scooter World has landed

We have had the Pugsley version of the scooter world for a while now and is a head turner just like the bike.

With with Krampus coming out it was time to get the scooter version of this. So we headed to Skate Asylum @ Bishop Auckland http://www.skateasylum.co.uk/ which is tucked behind National Tyres & Howdens kitchens. They are mainly an online dealer but have a small public showroom. Cash in hand a deal was done on a http://www.skateasylum.co.uk/royal-scout-all-terrain-scooter.html 1/2hr later it was built and in use.

Just like the bikes the full on fat version Berg Steppy loves beaches but the 29+ version Royal Scout dosent !

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