1 May 2013

More Blue Bling for the Fat Girl

Just got paid and not much left for bling this month so just a little treat for the FAT BIKE. I was looking for a blue anodised seat clamp collar, nothing special or expensive and come across a company called Mount Zoom http://mtzoom.com/ never tried any of there products before so i ordered a Ultralight 31.8mm blue clamp http://mtzoom.com/clamps/mt-zoom-ultralight-seatpost-clamps-5-5g/ they have a store on ebay and was delivered the next day free of charge. Well packaged with instructions, you could not ask for more. I popped it on my scales and it came out at 5g. The same weight as they advertise and you get a free spare steel bolt as well. Old Salsa one stripped off and new one on - perfect. Not sure if its going to hold the post or if the post is going to slip but i have put some Finish Line Fibre Grip grease on the post. Time will tell so i will report back after a few test rides over bumpy terrain.

After Sundays freezing blast the sun got out again when you go back to work on a Monday but the wind was still very strong. As the Dale Super X was still dirty off the Sunday i gave it a quite blast out along the line from Langley Moor to Bishop & back. Bone dry trails but still hard going in the wind. Yesterday we did the night loop around Durhams river banks and more paths are closed again due to major land slips and there was a notice up stating the path on the opposite side was closing for two weeks as well. So no access to Maiden Castle from the Baths / Cricket ground side unless you go around the road way and that is just boring and busy traffic.  

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