25 May 2013

Over the top on the road bike

With no miles since last Sunday it was time to drag my arse out for a good kicking. The sun has finally come out again and the wind has dropped it was time to drag out the big speed gun Dale Supersix. Pumped the tyres up and she was ready to role up & over Weardale Dales. Had a few hours to get a ride in so headed to Nevilles Cross, turnerd right and straight upto Stanhope. A quick half energy bar break then turned right and up and over Crawleyside. Once on the top there wasnt much speed / freewheeling as I had a headwind. The one section after the pub on the top where you can get a good freewheel there was a sheep right in the middle of my side of road and a car coming the opposite direction at exactly the same time left me to lock up my rear brake and scrub some speed off my 39mph, it didnt give a monkeys just stood there and stared at me. By the time i got back down to Lanchester it was time for another quik half bar break before turning left after the church for a steady climb up the Peth, it dosent get any easier. Cracking views from the top of Burnhope but didnt have time to stop & enjoy them. All in i covered 50 miles of lovely sunny / clear sky riding. Forgot to take my camera so no pics of the ride but here is the route map .
Due to no photos i will do a quick follow up review of my Sram Red X Glide 1090 cassette that i have been using for approx five months now. I originally fitted to the cross bike but found out it was no good in the mud but perfect for the lines etc. I swapped it over onto my road bike and has performed with no problems what so ever. Crisp changes and quiet in operation. It was expensive but its light and lasting well. Im also using a Sram chain but Dura ace shifters etc.

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