27 May 2013

May Bank Hol means Richmond Grass Track Racing

Normally we all go down for the parade and activities in the Gardens but had jobs to do in the morning and Angus had to have a fixed track bike to race this year which hasent got so we did things alittle different. Angus & me got dropped off at Scotch Corner so we could ride to Richmond via the Stang. Whislt Arran went straight to the track meeting. We have done this route before but todays weather was not the best. We started with overcast cloudy skies and a cold wind. By the time we weaved our way through many singletrack country back lanes and onto the moor heading for the Stang it was blowing a gale straight into our faces. Temperature dropped to 8 degress and raining. It was a struggle to get over the top, quick stop to put our coats on, few quick pics then had to pedal down hill to Reeth. Called in past Dales Bike Centre shop for a quick look & warm up then it was a blast down the road to Richmond. My legs were gone by the time we hit the last climb going into Richmond Town Centre. Arrans race was just starting when we landed so timed it to perfection. There was a few good crashes on the track as it was getting greasy with the rain. Rest day tomorrow for my legs but taking the car for its MOT.
Route map from todays ride is here and some photos are here

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