8 May 2013

The Dust is flying & updates on some gear

Well finally some nice weather, end of last week was still windy but bone dry trails. Bank hol weekend was the best for a very long time but busy with the County Durham / Parish Elections meant not much riding but got in a few miles in. Got two short local rides in last Thursday on the Beargrease, nowt Friday or Saturday but got a 30 miler in on the Sunday. Me & Angus took to the road bikes and did a loop upto Burnhope / Stanley then down to Chester, over to Hetton and ended up at Dalton Park for some shopping. It was very windy but dry and sunny. Back on the Beargrease yesterday for the last spin before the rain started again. The Garmin was reading 24 degress and was baking hot on the climbs, first time this year in shorts and SS top. 17 miler on around the lines. Here are some crap photos of the pleasure of no mud

As you can see the wheels are still on the Beargrease and going strong. They have covered a few miles now and no probs what so ever thanks to Marks excellent wheel building skills @ Westbrook Cycles. The click on the freehub has become lounder and with the new bell / buzz from the tyres pedestrians can  here me coming, well most of them. Still would need an air horn to get some of them to move an inch over. The Middleburn hardcoat ring and KMC chain are also perfect and not touched them since fitting apart from a squirt of oil now and then. We will see how long the chain lasts compaired to my favourite Sedis chains.

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