16 May 2013

Tour Series hits Durhams streets

What a fantastic nights racing around Durham back streets. Lovely dry warmish weather made for very fast racing. The bloke on mc was the best yet and really had the crowd going. This was the quietest year yet for spectators by along way so you could walk around the full circuit alot easierr and get some pics. More crossing points and better barriered paths this year as well. As normal the cobbled streets / climb sorted out the riders and bikes but didnt see any crashes this year. There is normally quite a few get carted away. Its also a great evening to bump into many old friends / riders of our MBE events and a chance to get some chips from Stantons ! Here is a gallery of here

The Tour Series hit the streets of Durham City tonight. This round sorts the boys from the girls up the cobbled climb. Its normally a great evenings racing. We will post a gallery in a few days of the nights action. There has been no advertising or PR for this years event so might be quieter on the footpaths. All the info is here inc route map http://www.tourseries.co.uk/venues/durham/index.php


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