19 September 2017

Local sunny road ride around Tow Law - Norco Search Carbon

Its time I started dragging my big ass up some road climbs so I have parked the Mason up and going to keep off the flatter railway lines and start doing some local road loops with the usual hills that you get around Co Durham area. It was 4 degrees at 6.20am this morning when I fired the van up but what a cracking day of sunny weather. I have dug out the Norco Search and pumped up the tyres and put some lube the chain and it was ready to go. I did a local road loop up to Tow Law taking in some country lanes / climbs along the way before descending down to Willington and back along he road to Meadowfield way. Its been a while and my legs / lungs knew about it. God I need to get more road miles in before the Winter sets in properly. Below are a couple of snap from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -

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